Wednesday, June 22, 2016

My Science Essay


Aerodynamics is the study of how things move and interact with the air. Areodynamics is an awesome part of our world, it is key part of our world as it like I said, is how things move though the air. One question I asked is how do different shapes effect aerodynamics and what shapes have less drag? The concepts I am looking at are lift, drag, thrust and weight.


Lift is caused when low pressure on one side of the wing (the top side) generates high velocity and when the bottom side generates high pressure and low velocity, or to simplify it, the high pressure generates the lift because the pressure wants to go up and the low pressure on the top wants to go down thus creating perfectly balanced air flow. To generate lift you must have thrust or propulsion and streamlined wings otherwise instead of going up gravity will pull you down. The slower you go the more time gravity has to react and to pull you down. But the faster you go the less time has to react and you have less chance of falling down.


Drag is the opposite to lift. Drag slows you down and is caused if you don’t have a streamlined body. Cars, planes and rockets are all designed to reduce the amount of drag because the drag resists, pushing in the opposite direction to the which requires more thrust or force, sometimes drag is a good thing like on planes and some other vehicles which have air brakes. They increase the amount of drag which slows you down. It also a bad thing like when you are trying to go fast as it pushes against you.

Thrust and weight

Thrust is what pushes you forward and weight is just how heavy something is. Thrust or force is probably the most important concept as it creates all the other things. Thrust is created by many things. It can be generated by anything. It's whatever you use to go forward like your muscles or an engine. Thrust has an impact on the speed. There are different types of speed. This is called flow velocity. There are 3 main types: Supersonic flow, which is greater than the speed of sound, hypersonic flow which is much greater than the speed of sound and Subsonic flow which is below the speed of sound. Weight plays into the formula because whatever you do there's weight and like drag, it slows you down. Weight is another word for gravity and to overcome gravity you must have all the other concepts.


In conclusion lift is what keeps you up, drag is what slows you down, thrust is what moves you forward and weight or gravity is what pulls you down. I have set out to find how different shapes effect aerodynamics and what shapes generate less drag. Well shapes that generate less drag are more streamlined. Areodynamics is an awesome part of our world, I hope you have learned something.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


On Monday me and my class was lucky enough to attend the 2016 NYLD in Dunedin.there were over 1000 kids all from around the Otago region attended the huge event.We learnt things like you don't always have to be a leader to be a leader, to pursue our dreams and to to keep trying in everything. There was also a special performance by avilanch city

Thursday, May 26, 2016

My Science project

This is my science project. It's about the laws of airodynamics and Hydrodynamics

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

North otago Swimming Sports

Yesterday I was lucky enough to go to the North otago Swimming Sports,I race in the 50 m Free,back,brest,fly,the 100m Im and the 4x25 mixed reley.I won Nearly all my races except for the 50 Butterfly (I got 4th in that race) and the 4x25 mixed reley. I had fun and made some new friends.And in about twop weeks will be atending the Otago Primary schools Swimming sports I hope to win some events there.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Cristmas is lost

Yay it's nearly Christmas,time for shopping and santa coming to give us presents.But wait is that what christmas is about? it seems that way doesn't it.Nowadays people are greedy and selfish and they forget the meaning of christmas.Whatever happened to ‘’Christmas a time of goodwill and joy’’Also some people are ungrateful for what they get and forget about those less fortunate than us.The true meaning has been lost

Firstly most of us forget about other less fortunate than themselves and then people get left out.Often they get teased and bullied about it ,Although This is not alway related to christmas and is an all year problem.It is sad to see these people with nothing and looking very,very sad.  

Secondly others are ungrateful for what they get or already have and then complain about it. What they don't realise is they are extremely lucky to receive the gift at all, because a lot of people don't receive anything at all,and are sad and lonely.
They often sell them when they could give it away and be generous.Parents spend more money  to buy something new when the money could be better used.

lastly we have Forgotten the true meaning of christmas.People Are being selfish and greedy Which means the true meaning has been lost.People are too worried about what they are going to get than what they will get or do for others.And there is too much communalisation,it's all about the Presents,Santa,etc.People spend a fortune on expensive present, money could be put to better use around the world.

Christmas is the time to share and celebrate and remember the real meaning Christmas is for us to celebrate the birth of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ.