Sunday, June 14, 2015

Hatchet (my novel)

Chapter 1: Brian is arriving at the airport to see his Dad because his parents are divorced. His Mum gives him a hatchet.   
Opinion: I think this is a very important bit because his hatchet is the difference between life or death.
Chapter 2: He is on the plane. The pilot has a heart attack and dies. He is left to fly the plane himself.
Opinion: Okay this is a little bit scary but it is very detailed.
Chapter 3:The plane crash lands in a lake in the Canadian woods and he manages to escape the plane and then, passes out.
Opinion: This is a little bit unrealistic because if you crash a plane into a lake it would be like hitting concrete and break-up.
Chapter 4: His mind drifts to the secret. His mum is cheating on his Dad. He is then very thirsty and gets a drink from the lake and is sick.
Opinion: I'm wondering first why is his mum doing that, then why did the water make him sick?
Chapter 5: He finds a shelter and starts to think about rescuers. He thinks they will come soon. They don't as he realised he might be miles off course
Opinion: That's good. Hopefully they come. Will he have fire?
Chapter 6: He is hungry and goes to find food. He finds some strange berries and eats them.  
Opinion: Why did he eat them if he had no idea what sort of berries they were? They could be poisonous.
Chapter 7: The berries make him sick but then he finds raspberries but he isn't the only one, there's a bear lurking round!  
Opinion: Will the bear attack him and will the raspberries run out?   
Chapter 8: In the night a porcupine stumbles into the cave. Brian thinks it's something bigger and throws his hatchet at it. This gives him an idea of how to make fire.
Opinion: It seems like this book is getting better. What will he make next?
Chapter 9: He has begun experimenting with how to make fire. He makes fire and feels much more safe. He then wonders if people are looking for him.
Opinion: Are they ever going to find him and why doesn't he make a flare?
Chapter 10: He nurses the fire for the whole night outside he hears the sound of something dragging itself along the beach. It is a turtle and it has laid eggs. He eats them raw.
Opinion: Another animal. At first I thought it was an alligator and it disgusting that he eats them raw!  
Chapter 11: He makes a spear to catch a fish.
Opinion: How did he not notice the fish in the lake?
Chapter 12: The spear doesn't work and he decides to make a bow and arrow. A plane comes but doesn't see him. There are also some wolves.
Opinion: How does the plane not see him and where do the wolves live?
Chapter 13: He catches a few fish and the plane doesn't get him.
Opinion: How does the plane no see him?
Chapter 14: In the middle of the night he is attacked by a skunk and realises he needs to fix his shelter and he needs a place to store food.
Opinion: A good idea to fix the house.
Chapter 15: He catches a bird and then has no idea how to clean it. Eventually he cooks it and at that point it's the best food he's ever eaten.
Opinion:That's good. What food will he have next?
Chapter 16: He is rammed by a mouse for no reason and then in the night is hit by a tornado and losses everything but his hatchet.
Opinion: I think the moose broke his ribs and how does he not lose his hatchet?
Chapter 17 : He begins to rebuild everything but then sees that the tail of the plane is sticking up out of the water and that gives him an idea. What if he could get the survival pack? So he builds a raft.
Opinion: I wonder if he'll get the pack?
Chapter 18: He gets the survival bag and drops his hatchet but gets it back.
Opinion: I wonder what is in the pack?
Chapter 19: He gets the survival pack back to the shelter and finds that it has a gun and soap and cooking utensils and, most importantly, food. Then suddenly a plane comes and lands on the lake and takes him home.
Opinion: I wonder what his parents will think and what will happen in the second book?

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