Thursday, July 30, 2015

Imagine Being...

I am sitting in my office.I'm working on a concept for a new jaguar;I can't think of what it should look like.Ten minutes pass but still nothing comes to my stubborn head. Suddenly inspiration strikes! I begin to move my pencil in all directions, but something is not right,something seems off, I can't think of it, though it seems to do with the front the lights perhaps. Once it's done I go to the bosses office to see if he is impressed by my work. He seems to be so then it's onto stage two (sculpting it out of clay).Carefully I Began I slide the blade along the clay I've done this a million times,but the level of passion around me never seses,my team are planning on the next what one will look is starting to look like what its meant to look like. Until, finally,its to every extent,beautiful and perfect.And that's why I Love my job
Imagine being a car designer.


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