Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What makes me,me

What makes Halalova himself? Well there are many things like his personality and his family, nice people! Also his friends admire him for being a good friend and being as humble as humble can be. His Tongan and Irish background certainly set him apart from everybody else. His life is like a big beautiful book that in every chapter something new and unexpected happens.

Halalova has a great love for swimming. He swims like a fish being chased by a great-white shark every time he hops in the pool. He also enjoys the rough and tumble world of rugby and for such a big guy he's pretty nifty. Halalova also enjoys the outdoors like going camping, going for a ride on his bike, or fishing for the big 20 pound salmon that his Dad failed to catch! He is also very self-driven to be the best (in a humble way though) and to push himself over the limit.

Halalova loves his school. He buries himself into the task like a dog buries its bone. Halalova likes to build things like lego and airfix. He also loves figuring out how things work and why things do what they do. He is exceptionally passionate about music especially old 70's, 80's and 90's rock music. He can play guitar and the piano. He wanted to learn more instruments but he has no time with rugby and swimming.

So what make Halalova himself? As we've just read, everything he has put his heart and soul into. But the most important thing is yourself. Why? Because everyone is like art, sure there are flaws in the art so you stand back a bit more and you see and you will see  beautiful piece of art.       

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  1. Well done Halalova. I enjoyed reading this. You certainly are an incredible young man with so many gifts and talents.