Sunday, August 30, 2015

Book Review:Prince Caspain


Plot/storyline: Peter,Susan,Edmund and Lucy are at the train station waiting for the trains that will take them to their schools(they have different schools)when suddenly Lucy feels a tug of magic,then Edmund feels it,then susan feels it and then peter feels it and suddenly they are no longer at a train station,they are on a sandy beach!The plot of this book is that evil king miraz(you can read how wicked he is in your own time)is try to destroy every narian on the face of narnia as well as his nephew Prince Caspian.

What I think of the book: I think this book is good because it is very well set out and throughout the book the author has included the reader by adding little things so if you don't read them in order (like I Have) that you will be up to date on what has happened .The things  that aren't so good are that at the end it just sort of stops,because you build up this suspense then it just stops and doesn't leave you hanging also it is very disappointing .(compared to the movie)

Theme/purpose of book:This book is to be a book that will be enjoyed for years and years .Also I think it is a bedtime story to read to children of all ages.The message is not to underestimate the magical power of Narnia and Aslan (for those who have not read,or seen the movie aslan is the great,magical loin)

Conclusion:To sum it up a great book for those who have a wild imagination or those who like history specifically children who like stories of castles,Knights or mythical if your kids love this go and find a copy and strap yourself in for a briant book.

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