Monday, September 21, 2015

Bucket list writing

I hear the crowd above,screaming as we run down the long tunnel the 11 on my shirt flashes in the light,as we run their voices became louder until we burst out of the tunnel they roar like a pride of lions. As we position ourselves on the field for the national anthem another cheer goes up for the opposition.We sing the national anthem with pride and dignity.

After we sing the national anthem we take our position on the field,the ball is given to the kicker the whistle is blown and he flings the into the air .I run after it,but the other team has the ball and are running at me like bulls charging at a cape I have no choice but to tackle him.I remember what the coach said:hit hard round the core and drive so I followed practice and wack he's on the ground . Quickly I get back up to my feet and retreat back into position the forwards take over the ruck.In no time the ref blows the whistle for half time.In the sheds the coach tells us to lift our game ( the soce is 25-6 to them)he tells me to get the ball and run.

In no time we're back on the field this time they kick off Its kicked to the forwards, up charges the prop with the ball he smashes straight through their backs and scores in the middle of the posts it's an easy kick,as our fly half lines up for the kick,the pressures on, he stares at the ball he goes for it...It's over we're back in the game. (13-23)the the ball is flung into the air towards me I go for the catch,it flys willingly into my arms and I shoot of like a rocket down the wing. I see players running after me, I frend one of them, he goes flying into the ground, I charge into the next one and send him crashing into the ground and stumble over the tryline in the corner! I hear the crowd screaming and roaring at me with pride. I can't believe it! I'm so happy.The kicker lines up for the kick, over it goes. (20-23) but we're still losing something must be done,and done now.(a few minutes later.)it's the last minute...the ball is there,I go for the tryline,crashing through their defence like a front rower. TRY!!!!!!!!! And we've won the world cup!!! It doesn't matter if we get the kick over now (for those who want to know it missed the score is now 25-23)

The trophy is presented to our captain,the crowd goes wild as we run up to the captain to celebrate the win I'm over the moon with joy as we dance we lift the Webb ellis cup flames erupted from the flame throwers behind us. And we disappear back into the tunnel as I take my beautiful number 11 jersey.

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