Sunday, October 18, 2015

Car design

car design
Car designer is a key part of the car world,it brings together some of the best things about the car,what the interior looks like and what the exterior looks like.I am Writing about car design because it is a occupation that I have always been interested in.  In these next few paragraphs we will explore the world of car design and find out how the bases of the car is made.

What is the car design process and why?

The process of car design is:
They  look at the styles (or trends)of the world.Then they sketch and render the design until it is flawless. After that they make with clay to 1:4 scale model.The design is then transferred (or recreated) in a computer for further development. Its then created in Virtual reality(VR).They then model it with clay 1:1.After they choose the color it shall be presented in.Some other things you should know are that it may sometimes take 5 YEARS to design a car also the design is split into three phases, these  phases include the fundamentals phase,competition phase and the last phase,detail work phase also some Manufacturers like to vote to see witch one is the best design.The first  thing every car designer does is draw a silhouette  of the car (a basic outline of the car)

Education and skills

Education is a very important bit of life,finding the right place is essential for your future.The qualifications you need for this career are a Bachelor's degree(or higher) which takes 4 years to get.Art and technical schools offer bachelor's degrees as well as traditional universities. The minimum pay is 80-85,000 a year(depending on how good a job you have done).Car design is a competive feild and can be hard to break into although interships are coomon there are many altrenitive jobs like:Mechanical Drafter and Industrial Engineer.A mechanical Drafter is responsible for the drawing and drafts,an industrial Engineer does the job of overseeing the car being made.To be a car designer you must have the following skills:you have to have a great understanding of maths and science,be creative,have some computer skills and have great communication skills.


In the end though one skill that can not be taught is passion and love for your job, because that is where the majority  of your life is spent, if you don't love what you do than,why are you there? Why aren't you doing what you love?I know life's hard but it's not that hard.But what do I know ;I have yet to have lived my life, but one thing I will do is to get where I want to go by working hard and to know  that when it's tough to keep on going.

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